Rocking a Bra on the Today Show

Had a blast on the Today Show this month with fashionista Lilliana Vazquez. She's the best and so grateful for the experience. Check out the segment HERE:) I am about 3 minutes in with Lilliana:) Thanks for watching and celebrating bodylove!

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29 insights in 29 years before the big 3-0!

I realized on February 8th of last month I had exactly 29 days left of my 20s.
To reflect on such a milestone, I decided to share 29 insights I have gained throughout my 29 years. You can read them HERE and hopefully, you can relate and will be giggling with me.
  1. I am super sensitive. I thought for years it was a curse, now I see what a gift it is as it helps me connect deeper to others. It also got much easier when I learned that breathing helps hyperventilating fits. Wooosh, wish I knew that ages 9-19. #someonegetthisgirlabrownpaperbag
  2. Age 21-24: what's a hangover?
    Age 25-28: hmmm, I'll sweat this out at hot yoga.
    Age 29:
    1 glass of wine: how lovely
    2 glasses of wine: Hello, wonderful to meet you. I'm super woman.
    3 glasses of wine: What 99 problems?
    4 glasses of wine: Goodnight, I have 99 problems and now a hangover is one.
    Insight before 30: when imbibing, sip slowly, remind yourself you aren't in college anymore and water is life.
  3. a good sleep = next day life force
    long gone are the nights staying up till dawn. (haha, like I ever did that. My friends will attest I have always been the first to go to bed at a party. However, I can pretend once upon a time I was a party hardy night owl)
  4. Not everybody is going to like you and that's like so beyond ok. (this one took awhile, still working on it from time to time)
  5. Putting on a great pair of socks is one of the greatest simple joys in life. It's amazing how happy I get about socks!
  6. Getting a Monday workout in sets the tone for the entire week and turns your "I'm a confident bad-ass" dial on high . Even when you accidentally drop your phone INTO the stairmaster like I did this am! No worries, we salvaged it????
  7. Whether you are single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, we can always be our own best Valentine. Wish I knew that in high school???????????? #wheresmyteddybear?
  8. I was born beautiful. I was beautiful then. I am beautiful now. And I will always be beautiful. And the same holds true for YOU.
  9. Nothing lifts up my mood more than an epic dance party.
  10. I have a choice in how I CHOOSE to see things.
  11. You don't always have to be productive, sometimes rest is where magic occurs.
  12. Meditating is like the exercise of the mind & soul. And like getting yourself to the gym, it can be a drag to start but always so worth it.
  13.  When feeling whelmed, get outside. Natural mood booster and helps to get re-centered.
  14. I can't control every aspect of a situation... and this sucks. But it's life and I have learned in the last 29 years that letting go of of the things I can't control will lead to self-acceptance and a deeper sense of compassion and joy.
  15. Speaking of letting go, it has never been easy for me, I am a huge feeler. What helps me in the process is getting in a cozy space, by myself, check in, feel it and breathe it out.
  16. Taking a dance class is a surefire way to feel like a ridiculous badass.
  17. Taking said dance class with friends is a great way to further connect with each other.
  18. Pizza is a spiritual experience and should be treated as one.
  19. Brushing your teeth at the end of the night can be like the most annoying thing in the world, but worth it.
  20. No. Is a complete sentence.
  21. There is a deep difference between being nice and kind.
  22. Me-time is essential for high quality giving.
  23. Dressing rooms do not define us. Pep talks are essential before entering. And the lights, f-the lights, you a bad-ass hot mommacita!
  24. Your hair usually looks best the first time you try and style it into something. The amount of times I have taken my hair out only to wish I hadn't touched it are too many to count!
  25. Comfy shoes always. Period.
  26. But first, a glass of water. Usually always needed.
  27. At 29 years I have learned to (but not always do) take the tortilla chips out of the bag and put them in a bowl. Then put the bag away somewhere very inconvenient. If not, there goes the bag.
  28. Make time for friends.
  29. Running has always been a huge challenge for me. So I thought, what better time than to set a running intention before I turn 30? This for me was to be able to run 3 consecutive miles on the treadmill in less than 30 minutes. Easy for many but for me this was a huge accomplishment. And I happy super pumped to say that on this past Monday night, I got there. Running has been teaching me a lot about life which is why it is my 29th insight. It can be hard to start and while in the process be super uncomfortable, even painful. Sometimes you want to give up, but if you believe in yourself and remind yourself that the feeling is temporary, you will push through. And what's waiting on the other side is deep sense of knowing your power. You got this.
So there you go. I hope you were able to giggle with me for the last 29 days of these insights, I appreciate you being along side me as I reflect on this milestone. My first 29 years have been deliciously abundant and I am super grateful for that. Here we go 30 ❤

In abundant, shining service,


Runway to the Street: Body Positive Today Show Segment

Had a blast on a recent bodypostive InStyle segment on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! Huge shout out to stylist Kahlana Barfield for making me feel so bad ass! Check out clip below and link to article here.


Today Show Segment: Body Positive NYE Fashion

It was an honor and a joy to be back on the Today Show recently rocking out NYE Fashion and celebrating the BodyLove! Enjoy the segment below:) 


Are you okay with your size?

This past summer I had a life changing experience at Wild Woman Fest when, one of the guest speakers, Carrie Grossman, posed the question, "What keeps you from loving yourself?" I was immediately hit with the word CONTROL.

I am afraid that if I let myself fully love all of who I am, that the size of me may be too much for the rest of the world. I might be too loud, too crazy, too outgoing, too weird, too sensitive, too caring, too needy, too hungry, too big, too heavy, too much. And, if I am too much of any of these things, I could be potentially disappointing someone else's expectation of who I am supposed to be and how I am supposed to operate on this planet.

So in order to live up to these made-up standards, I pressure myself to CONTROL my size. And where there is that CONTROL there is also judgement, guilt and shame. And when those words are involved there can be very little space for love.

This lighting bolt revelation was my first step into releasing myself from the pressures of being a "good girl" all the time.

You know her right? She's put together, she eats the right amount of food, she works out, she's got a good job, she puts other's before herself, she's always smiling, she doesn't drink too much, she doesn't get upset, she keeps a clean home, she takes care of finances, she's a good partner, she's mindful of her addictions and works on them, she's steady, she's nice, she's got her shit together.

And f*ck that sometimes, man. What I have learned so far about growing up is that it isn't always that pretty. In fact, it's rather messy. And I think there is this pressure to always appear that "you have your shit together." When really it's beyond OKAY to be on your own timeline still figuring it out. And be a beautiful mess while doing so.

So when I think about "freeing" myself, it's not to say that I want to live my life with no regard of anyone else. Instead, it means I want to live my life in honor of what is true for me regardless of the opinion of anyone else.

Sometimes, I get so caught up in what everyone will think of my choices that I totally ignore what is authentically true for me in a given moment. And that can have a detrimental impact to those I love, especially my partner. Because, if can't let my own self be free, how can I let him?

I must love me in order to love you and you must love you in order to love me.

Control can not exist in that above truth.

All this being said, I do love so many elements of my colorful self, but like all humans, there are some vaults that need illumination and TLC. And releasing control is one of those things I am working on.

Because I have a hunch that I am not alone in this matter, I thought I'd share a few beginning tools that I have been using.

1) Hear both thoughts first.
We tend think that our initial thoughts are our own. However, they are usually some sort of projection we have been outwardly taught to think by society. There is a choice to tune into a more internal voice that may be more in line to what is really true for us.
2) Breathe before I speak.
Before I react, I am honoring my breath first. This way I can hear all sides of the story as I described above and choose how I want to respond, if I even need to respond at all.
3) Get out of the house and off of my phone.
Holy facebook woe. A great way to get out of my own head, and out of the trap of comparing myself to where I "should" be right now, is to LOG OFF and get out of the house. Take a walk, get some fresh air, feel alive, take up space.
4) Be honest, own it, I dare you.
Honesty is the best policy yet a challenging one. In times where I feel like I need to bend the truth in order for my belief or choice to be accepted, I am trying to push myself to just OWN IT. Not apologize for it, be honest and trust my choices. It makes me feel so much more confident when I do.

So those are my thoughts. I would love to know yours. Let's keep this conversation going as I can feel I have a lot more growing within me from the topic.


My experience taking the Pinnertest.


My Story.
I have experienced excess weight gain, acid reflux, IBS, cystic acne, hay fever, eczema and anxiety since my late teens. After hitting rock bottom with how I felt in my mid 20s, I decided to go on a mission to discover what my body was trying to tell me.

I began introducing home cooking, whole foods and juicing. I also got food allergy tested at my ENT and received a large list of foods I was intolerant to. Some of these foods included oats, peanuts, sesame, peas, potatoes, garlic and mustard for example. Thinking this was rather odd, I did some research and it turned out these foods are derived from the same pollen I am allergic to during my allergy season. My body was seeing them as invaders, so I took all of them out.

A year or so after that, I tried the elimination diet. I took out alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy and refined white sugar for 21 days. Felt pretty great. However, once reintroducing these foods back into my diet my body freaked OUTTTT! (see photo above)

Eczema city, IBS bloat, acid reflux and my favorite (note the sarcasm) acne.

Because I didn’t quite do the reintroducing process correctly, I wasn’t quite sure which foods were causing such a trigger.

So, I took an educated guess and tied it to the biggest food villain of our time GLUTEN!

Once taking it out, I did begin to feel better and saw some difference in my skin, mood and digestion.

Flash forward to two months ago, it’s been year and a half without gluten, and all the foods that came up on the allergy test. Yet, I was still experiencing eczema patches, acne and the occasional tummy crampy, bloaty, heaviness.

Discovering Pinnertest.
When I tripped upon the pinnertest my gut said DO IT, this will help you find your answers. I was hesitant at first because the test is an investment, however I knew this was exactly the test I need to provide some answers.

Here’s why. Pinnertest tests your EXACT and PERMANENT food intolerances. Other tests like the prick test I took at the allergist’s pick up temporary intolerances based on environment, stress, eating too much of them etc. Therefore providing a list of so many foods that may be momentarily bothering you because of a bigger trigger. Pinnertests discovers those bigger triggers. And it’s usually just two or three that are the culprits.

So getting a strong signal from the gut, I ordered the test. The process was a freaking breeze. You receive your kit via mail within 2-3 days, you take the test (it’s a simple blood prick test), mail it back and in about 7-10 days later they email your results.

Here’s what I found out.

My test came back saying I was HIGHLY intolerant to egg whites and oranges.

At first I was totally like, WTF. It can’t be. Eggs? I eat those everyday? Oranges? They’re in every one of my herbal teas and spice mixes.

Oh and let me tell you something else about egg whites, many if not most red wines use egg whites as a fining agent. Now, you are talking to a girl who loves a glass of red wine!

That all said, I decided that I had to put my results to the test by taking them out of my diet.  And not to shock my system, I also kept out gluten and the originally found food sensitivities.

Experience & Results.
It’s been almost 6 weeks since I have done above and here are my discoveries…

The first couple of weeks were intense. I truly felt like I was detoxing, which after further research is common when eliminating intolerances.

My skin broke out hard core.
My eczema seemed to flare.
I got a couple of canker sores.
I was super fatigued.
Tearful and moody.
Once the third week came things started to alleviate a bit and I was beginning to feel lighter.

After a month my skin bega.n to glow. My tummy felt empty and light and I was in an over all much better mood. I still however had a patch of eczema on my calf.

I am currently at the 6 week point and here is what’s going on. Acne wise, I haven’t had a painful, big, under the skin pimple for about 3 weeks (knock on wood.) Digestively, doing awesome. Eczema wise, still have a patch on my calf, which may be stress related. Who knows? I also went to the doctor to get tested for celiac disease to be super sure and that test to came out negative. So with my skin clear, I decided to introduce a little wheat back into my life in the form of pizza. OH MY GOD PIZZA… so divine. Low and behold it did NOT cause a skin or tummy reaction. However, energy and mood wise, I definitely do not feel as vibrant when I eat when I eat wheat and gluten. So I will keep it for special occasions.


All in all, I feel like this test taught me a WHOLE LOT. I do think that taking out these food intolerances have helped me feel a lot better and have cleaned up my skin. I will continue to track my progress and keep you in the know.

How you can learn more.
Discovering what the body is trying to tell us can sometimes feel daunting. Pinnertest certainly aids in the exploration. I highly recommend the test to anyone ready to invest in answers. The knowledge is priceless.

If you are interested in the test, feel free to contact me with any questions. Because of the work I do pinnertestUSA has provided me with a special discount code for anyone in my tribe who may be interested in trying out the test.

I am also offering anyone who invests a session to help design a healthy lifestyle plan after you receive your results.

Take a look at further info and link to get your test below.

What is pinnertest?

Where can I invest in the test?

Kelly's Promo Code: SHINEON (use all caps)


Go for it, you never know what you might discover! And again hit me up at with any questions you may have.

In abundant and loving service.

Shine On,


Sharing the BodyLove on Pix11

Had a blast sharing the bodylove for the incredible Margaret Josephs on Pix11 news! Check out segment below and own that suit!



Recent TODAY Show Feature

I had a blast on the Today Show today sharing some bodylove in a swimsuit with stylist Lilliana Vazquez this past Monday. Check out full segment below and fun pics of the day HERE.

Remember, when it comes to "flattering" trends consider inviting yourself to rock-out whatever style/cut you feel represents you. It's all about OWNING it:)


Elephant Journal: Becoming a Bride: Fitting into Each Other, not the Dress.

If you had asked me, during the peak years of my body dysmorphia and restrictive dieting what I would be like the weeks leading up to my wedding day, I would have answered:

“Most likely on a 14 day juice cleanse, taking boot camp classes every day and locking myself in my apartment, obsessing.”

The good news is: I didn’t do that. It’s a huge win for me. Especially when you consider the pressure that is placed on a bride to look as perfect as she possibly can for her big day...

Read the rest of the article where it was published on Elephant Journal HERE.

Hope you enjoy! If you ever want to discuss what you are experiencing as your prepare to walk down the aisle, contact me ANYTIME!


Another Successful Shine On Cabaret 2016

What a night it was! Huge thank you to all of the incredible performers and all of the powerful, open souls in the audience. You are all STARS!

Also, HUMUNGOUS thank you to all of the vendors who shared their services with us. As well as Beanfield Snacks and Kind Snacks for keeping our tummies happy:)

We raised over $500 dollars for DMF Youth, which means we helped provide arts education to underprivileged youth in NYC. And it doesn't get much better than that!

So here's to another great year of celebrating the power of arts and wellness!

To all my friends and family who helped me put it together, I am so grateful to you.

You can check out all the pictures from the event HERE. 

I so hope to see you there next year. I have already begun the list of those who want to perform so let me know if you are in to share your SHINE for next year! I would LOVE to have you up there!

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