Putting feelers out for a few questions and some upcoming news...

1) I will be running a Fall Kick-Off Whole 30 coaching & support group starting Monday, September 18th. Would you be interested in joining? I like whole 30 because it's all about cooking your own food, developing routine and exploring how you feel minus the main food allergens. If you are curious to learn more email me at kelly@shineonwithkelly.com

2) Also coming in September is an 6 month group coaching program. I am looking for 3-4 women who are looking to dive into topics like: body image, shattering limitations, worth, acceptance, realistic routine creation, big feels unpacking and all that good ole self-discovery jazz. If this feels like a big "Holy Shit! Me, me,me!" Goodness, I want to connect with you about it... kelly@shineonwithkelly.com. Let's discuss.

3) Self-care Soirees: Once per month self-care gatherings filled with connection, intention setting, deep conversation, nourishing snacks, vision boarding and delicious skin care treatments from EVER Skin. If you want to come, I would love to have you. First one is September 17th at my place:)

Enjoy these delish last days of summer.

in loving and abundant service.
Shine On,