Recent Today Show Appearance: Fall Fashion is coming!

Had a blast on Today for Instyle recently! Let's hear it for body positive fashion!



Putting feelers out for a few questions and some upcoming news...

1) I will be running a Fall Kick-Off Whole 30 coaching & support group starting Monday, September 18th. Would you be interested in joining? I like whole 30 because it's all about cooking your own food, developing routine and exploring how you feel minus the main food allergens. If you are curious to learn more email me at

2) Also coming in September is an 6 month group coaching program. I am looking for 3-4 women who are looking to dive into topics like: body image, shattering limitations, worth, acceptance, realistic routine creation, big feels unpacking and all that good ole self-discovery jazz. If this feels like a big "Holy Shit! Me, me,me!" Goodness, I want to connect with you about it... Let's discuss.

3) Self-care Soirees: Once per month self-care gatherings filled with connection, intention setting, deep conversation, nourishing snacks, vision boarding and delicious skin care treatments from EVER Skin. If you want to come, I would love to have you. First one is September 17th at my place:)

Enjoy these delish last days of summer.

in loving and abundant service.
Shine On,


Summer ready backside...

Summer ready backside.
For me, body image monster voices tend to come hard after vacations and around holidays. Can you relate? 
As I was getting dressed today I caught a glimpse of my back and belly and I was like okay, here's where we are at. Soft, fleshy, beautiful. It's my summer ready backside. And it's perfectly imperfect and I choose to accept that. It's a choice.
An offering to share on this weekend dedicated to BBQs, Beer and Bathing Suits... if you get taken out of the present moment because of body image rabbit hole thoughts here's a tool I use... I ask myself --- "In this moment, what perspective can I choose to feel about my body/myself that would best serve me?" Follow that by "What do I need to do right now in order to help me make that choice."
Let your heart space be your guide. Lots of love, acceptance and compassion to be found there. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Here's to Summer honoring body acceptance.


Shine On Cabaret 2017

Shine On Cabaret was a total HIT! Huge thank you to everyone who shared their Shine and all who came out to celebrate the arts and wellness! We earned so much for DMF Youth, Inc. which will go such a long way!

Lastly, a gignamous shout our to our sponsors NibMor & Beanfields Snacks Snacks as well as TADA! Youth Theater for having us.

We will see you next year for #5! Shine On!

Check out link to photos HERE.


Facing a fear to fly: A flight mantra

Adam and I got back from New Orleans last weekend. 

As I mentioned this time last year in a blog post, my anxiety around flying has gotten worse as I have gotten older. It's super annoying as I am sure those who commiserate can attest. However, deep down I know it's not about the plane, but more about my discomfort with the unknown and loss of control.

This said, I am determined to heal myself from the fear and I wanted the healing to start with my most recent flight. So, I created a pre-flight ritual this go around and I am elated to say it truly helped me kick-ass on the flights. 

Here's what I did....


15 minute meditation where I ground myself and send positive vibrations to the pilots and flight crew.

Repeat my "I'm Flying Prayer"
I recognize and acknowledge my anxiety.
I breathe through the feeling
I release the tension through my long exhales
I trust the expertise of the pilots & flight crew as well as the ways of the universe
I free myself from control as I know that is the root cause of the fear.
I invite myself to enjoy the blessing of being able to FLY.

So here's to being able to fly and explore the world. It's such a gift and the more I can trust and free myself from control the more I can embrace that gift.

What are your thoughts?

In loving and abundant service.

Shine On,


Saturday, May 20th
7:00- 10ish pm
Tada! Youth Theater

What is the Shine On Cabaret?
A one night only celebration of arts & wellness where brilliant performers/wellness dreamers take the stage to SHARE their SHINE!

The night celebrates self-expression, well-being and self-love. I guarantee you will leave feeling joyful and inspired to live in your own Shine. Plus, 50% of all ticket sales will go to DMF Youth, a non-profit educational service company whose mission is to empower. underserved youth through dance, fitness & life skill development.

What wellness vendors can you expect?
BodyTalk Readings with Allison Lebrun
Angel Card Readings & Life Coaching with Stephanie Virchaux
Massage by Justin Talkington
Younique Beauty Bar with Jasmine Ladiner
Bracelet Creation with Crafty & Bright founder Katie Dunne
And much more...
Other FYIs about the night...
This year, the Cabaret is sponsored by NibMor Chocolate and Beanfield Snacks, two incredible & delicious food companies. Plus, there will be nutrition shake samples provided by Arbonne consultant, Alexis Di Gregorio. And like all past cabarets, there will be an epic raffle and wine!

Wine, healthy snacks, theater and a whole lot of LOVE?! What could be better? Tickets tend to go fast so save your seat by purchasing a ticket HERE!!!


Thoughts on yoga belly rolls

Tonight I went to yoga.
First time in a long time.
I felt my skin move, mold, and morph as I twisted, stretched and bent.
I noticed the feeling of my rolls. -
I've been taught to condemn them. And I like my gold star. So my first reaction is to adjust, suck in, don't be seen, shrink yourself. Yell at the rolls and do what you can to iron them out.
But then I remember, I'm a piece of art. And there is no one way to be beautiful. I'm unique in my detail and my sculpture shifts as I shift. How beautiful is that?
My journey with accepting my body ebbs and flows. Entering a new decade has welcomed a new chapter to the journey. I'd be lying to say that it's something I have completely figured out, but I stay woke and aware of where to find the light.
So today I choose to honor my roll. Thanks for moving with me buddy, you are beautiful and are/ always have been worthy.
More to come on this. Big love to you and your f*cking miracle of a body????


Rocking a Bra on the Today Show

Had a blast on the Today Show this month with fashionista Lilliana Vazquez. She's the best and so grateful for the experience. Check out the segment HERE:) I am about 3 minutes in with Lilliana:) Thanks for watching and celebrating bodylove!

In abundant, shining service,


29 insights in 29 years before the big 3-0!

I realized on February 8th of last month I had exactly 29 days left of my 20s.
To reflect on such a milestone, I decided to share 29 insights I have gained throughout my 29 years. You can read them HERE and hopefully, you can relate and will be giggling with me.
  1. I am super sensitive. I thought for years it was a curse, now I see what a gift it is as it helps me connect deeper to others. It also got much easier when I learned that breathing helps hyperventilating fits. Wooosh, wish I knew that ages 9-19. #someonegetthisgirlabrownpaperbag
  2. Age 21-24: what's a hangover?
    Age 25-28: hmmm, I'll sweat this out at hot yoga.
    Age 29:
    1 glass of wine: how lovely
    2 glasses of wine: Hello, wonderful to meet you. I'm super woman.
    3 glasses of wine: What 99 problems?
    4 glasses of wine: Goodnight, I have 99 problems and now a hangover is one.
    Insight before 30: when imbibing, sip slowly, remind yourself you aren't in college anymore and water is life.
  3. a good sleep = next day life force
    long gone are the nights staying up till dawn. (haha, like I ever did that. My friends will attest I have always been the first to go to bed at a party. However, I can pretend once upon a time I was a party hardy night owl)
  4. Not everybody is going to like you and that's like so beyond ok. (this one took awhile, still working on it from time to time)
  5. Putting on a great pair of socks is one of the greatest simple joys in life. It's amazing how happy I get about socks!
  6. Getting a Monday workout in sets the tone for the entire week and turns your "I'm a confident bad-ass" dial on high . Even when you accidentally drop your phone INTO the stairmaster like I did this am! No worries, we salvaged it????
  7. Whether you are single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, we can always be our own best Valentine. Wish I knew that in high school???????????? #wheresmyteddybear?
  8. I was born beautiful. I was beautiful then. I am beautiful now. And I will always be beautiful. And the same holds true for YOU.
  9. Nothing lifts up my mood more than an epic dance party.
  10. I have a choice in how I CHOOSE to see things.
  11. You don't always have to be productive, sometimes rest is where magic occurs.
  12. Meditating is like the exercise of the mind & soul. And like getting yourself to the gym, it can be a drag to start but always so worth it.
  13.  When feeling whelmed, get outside. Natural mood booster and helps to get re-centered.
  14. I can't control every aspect of a situation... and this sucks. But it's life and I have learned in the last 29 years that letting go of of the things I can't control will lead to self-acceptance and a deeper sense of compassion and joy.
  15. Speaking of letting go, it has never been easy for me, I am a huge feeler. What helps me in the process is getting in a cozy space, by myself, check in, feel it and breathe it out.
  16. Taking a dance class is a surefire way to feel like a ridiculous badass.
  17. Taking said dance class with friends is a great way to further connect with each other.
  18. Pizza is a spiritual experience and should be treated as one.
  19. Brushing your teeth at the end of the night can be like the most annoying thing in the world, but worth it.
  20. No. Is a complete sentence.
  21. There is a deep difference between being nice and kind.
  22. Me-time is essential for high quality giving.
  23. Dressing rooms do not define us. Pep talks are essential before entering. And the lights, f-the lights, you a bad-ass hot mommacita!
  24. Your hair usually looks best the first time you try and style it into something. The amount of times I have taken my hair out only to wish I hadn't touched it are too many to count!
  25. Comfy shoes always. Period.
  26. But first, a glass of water. Usually always needed.
  27. At 29 years I have learned to (but not always do) take the tortilla chips out of the bag and put them in a bowl. Then put the bag away somewhere very inconvenient. If not, there goes the bag.
  28. Make time for friends.
  29. Running has always been a huge challenge for me. So I thought, what better time than to set a running intention before I turn 30? This for me was to be able to run 3 consecutive miles on the treadmill in less than 30 minutes. Easy for many but for me this was a huge accomplishment. And I happy super pumped to say that on this past Monday night, I got there. Running has been teaching me a lot about life which is why it is my 29th insight. It can be hard to start and while in the process be super uncomfortable, even painful. Sometimes you want to give up, but if you believe in yourself and remind yourself that the feeling is temporary, you will push through. And what's waiting on the other side is deep sense of knowing your power. You got this.
So there you go. I hope you were able to giggle with me for the last 29 days of these insights, I appreciate you being along side me as I reflect on this milestone. My first 29 years have been deliciously abundant and I am super grateful for that. Here we go 30 ❤

In abundant, shining service,


Runway to the Street: Body Positive Today Show Segment

Had a blast on a recent bodypostive InStyle segment on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! Huge shout out to stylist Kahlana Barfield for making me feel so bad ass! Check out clip below and link to article here.