I provide judgement-free, powerful girl talk where we navigate through any B.S. standing in your way and discover the POSITIVE in your life.

As a super sensitive soul myself, I create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere where you will feel free to let go of what's really bothering you. I promise you, all the deep and scary things you may think are so horrible about yourself don't sound so bad once they finally come out. It takes such a weight off, literally. I had a client lose weight after our first session by simply talking out her stresses. 

Speaking of weight--my philosophy on being healthy is feeling at home in the skin you are in. It does not matter what number the scale says or what size your jeans are.  Health is a feeling and we will work together to find out what feels good for YOU. No one's body is the same, so we will take out what society is telling us that you "should" do and learn what really works best for you.

Once you start tuning in and listening to what your body really wants, the rest will just fall into place.

You will leave any Shine On session with constructive recommendations to work on for homework and feel ready to light up the world with your unique Shine!

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