Great to meet you, Beauty!

I'm Kelly Anne Ahl: empowerment coach, mentor, performing artist and speaker.  
I can be described as an enthusiastic, highly sensitive Pisces who loves an epic dance party, a great glass of wine, and powerful conversation.

My passion in life is to help you celebrate what makes you, YOU!

I am the founder of Shine On Movement, an arts & wellness coaching services company whose mission is to help women feel healthy and happy in their own skin. With my expertise in performing arts and holistic wellness, I have created programs, workshops, and talks designed around body positivity, healing nourishment, and self-acceptance. My super positive and judgement-free coaching style empowers brilliant individuals to celebrate who they are, believe in their own worth, and light up the world with their true callings. 

Shine On Movement: an awakening of feeling healthy and happy in one's skin. 

Here's my story. 
I grew up on a stage. Actor, singer, dancer. I was never technically the best, but shined in the spotlight. After an injury in my teens prevented me from dancing everyday, I saw my body transform practically overnight. Boobs, hips, and growths spurts in all the wrong places. I felt out of control in my own skin which caused me to feel insecure. I began to bully myself, crash diet, and use food for comfort.

Years of this trend lead me to me being my heaviest weight, having a face full of acne, feeling stressed and anxious all the time, and being convinced that I was just not "good enough". I had a strong drive to do something big with my life, but there was something standing in my way. It was ME. When that a-ha moment came, I realized that in order to move forward, I had to make peace with the war I had started with myself and learn to love who I was.

My journey began with food. Once I stopped binging on weight watchers carrot cake bars and introduced avocados, juices, and kale chips, I felt better. Taking care of myself was no longer about following the latest diet trend, but instead listening and honoring my body's needs. This new-found nourishment led me to my greatest revelation. Originally titled Shine On You Beautiful Body, a play on a Pink Floyd lyric, Shine On Movement, as it is referred to now, was born.

It started as a Facebook page dedicated to getting real about body image, food, and how we think of ourselves. It blew up instantly! After receiving an outpouring of positive responses, it was clear to me that I had found my calling. I wanted to help people learn how to feel good. After receiving my certification as a holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I was ready to do just that. 

I founded Shine On Movement in August of 2013 at age 26. I am still beyond humbled and grateful for a thriving coaching practice, packed dance fitness classes, and continuous scheduled speaking engagements. I have been featured on the Today Show and published on mindbodygreen. Currently, I am in the process of creating a youth empowerment program that will bring in body-positive assemblies into schools.

My challenge became my MOVEMENT and I am so glad you found the party!

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