afraid to fly...

I am embarrassed to admit but I am scared of flying and it's getting worse as I get older. And the last few flights I have been on have been a jumpy, bumpy scare ride.

However, I have a choice in this matter. I can either choose not to travel because of discomfort and fear.


I can invest in taking on a new mindset when flying.

I'm going with the latter. And because I know I am not alone in this anxiety, I thought I would share what tips I use to CALM me on those big ol' jet airliners.

  1. Breathe."Fear is excitement with out the breath." ~Fritz Perls I just keep breathing and telling myself " I'm just sooooo excited!!!!!!! How fun is that?!? Weeeee"
  2. Talk. I keep a running monologue in my head that goes like this..."I have the CHOICE to be calm, I have the CHOICE to be brave, I have the CHOICE to be strong. I am CALM, BRAVE and STRONG Kell, you got this."
  3. Move. I don't freaking care if I look like an idiot, I'm shaking it out, I'm dancing, I'm tensing and relaxing my muscles. Because there is nothing worse for me than when the anxiety is rushing up and down my body and I'm just sitting in it.
  4. Music. Need I say more. Jam it, find the songs that lift you mood and make you naturally elevated.
  5. Visualize. I use my imagination to take me to happy places. I think of happy future moments, or a place I find sacred. Just as it did when we were children our imagination can take us anywhere if we truly tap into it.

If all else fails, which is does me often. Take comfort in who you are traveling with, let them know how you are feeling and cuddle up in their shoulder. Luckily, I have a hunky husband who is very used to my hand squeezing by now.


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