The Perfection Chase

Recently I have been thinking a lot about about perfection. Intellectually I know no such thing exists yet sometimes I seem to forget and catch myself striving for this false belief. This leads me to become super hard on myself and sometimes project this ideal on others. Usually the ones I love the most painfully enough. Raise of hands if you can relate‚úč

However the universe tends to have a way of providing a wake up call of what we need to see...This morning I read this passage from the Four Agreements....

The image of perfection;
"During domestication, we form an image of perfection to please other people, to be good enough for them. But we are never perfect from this point of view, and so we begin to reject ourselves. The image of perfection is the reason we abuse ourselves; it is the reason we reject our own humanity. We also judge others according to our image of perfection and they can never measure up to that ideal."
~Don Miguel Ruiz


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