I Didn't Get A Job Because I Was A Size 12. Now I'm A Body-Positive Role Model

After graduating college with a BFA in Theater, I found my career passion as a teaching artist at various dance studios around New York City. I was a great teacher, extremely passionate about the power of a child’s imagination and self-expression. I knew that exploring these topics built confidence and made children feel like they could be anything in the world.

One of the studios where I interviewed was out in Jersey City. The process went great and afterward the owner sat me down to discuss. This is what she said ...

“Kelly, your credentials are amazing, and your personality is awesome. But what took me by surprise when you first walked in is that your body doesn't match your credentials. As a dance teacher, I don’t feel you would be a good role model for young girls. I don’t want them to think it’s acceptable to eat ice cream and potato chips all the time.”

Yes, she really told me that. Not only did she make immediate assumptions on my relationship to food, but also believed that the way my body looked (a size 10 or 12) overshadowed the positive impact I could make in her student’s lives.

I left the interview feeling devastated. I went home and cried to my mom.

Now, five years later, little does this woman know that my whole life purpose and mission is dedicated to helping women of all ages,celebrate the skin they are in. Not only am I a role model, but I have a whole team of role models joining me.

Together we're paving the way to set a positive example for young women. Show them what it looks like take ownership of their body and how to feel happy, healthy, confident and energetic in the skin they are in.

The great news is, we can all become body positive role models for young women. Here's how: 

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