7 ways to get your rhythm back

Feeling out of sorts recently? You are so not alone. If you reside in the northeast like myself, this winter has taken us for a freaking loop. Most of us are feeling a bit depleted, frazzled or off our rhythm. Why rhythm as opposed to balance? Simple. Balance is too black and white and comes with a lot of pressure attached. When we say we are off balance it’s as if we fell into a sludgy abyss of self-doubt and failure. Instead, if you see life as a big ol’ dance party where you are discovering your own unique rhythm, it is a lot more fun and less scary when we fall off our jive for a hot minute. (Because we all do and always will. However there is a lot to learn about ourselves when we feel like Elaine, from Seinfeld, dancing.)

So while you are trying to get your groove back, here are some tips that are sure to help guide you to becoming the king or queen of your dance floor again. 

Eat grounding whole foods.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you are what you eat. Root vegetables, sweet vegetables, beans, fish and high quality animal protein create a feet on the ground, relaxed feeling. It makes sense if you think about it, right? Why wouldn’t foods that grow from within the earth ground us? Nature rocks. 

Sweat it out.
A body in motion gets the mind in motion. In order to “de-stuckify” our brains we got to get moving. Ever take a long walk and all of a sudden ideas roll in and you feel re-inspired? Getting a great sweat also produces the feel awesome hormone serotonin, which will instantaneously lift your spirits.  Whatever form of working out works for you is the perfect choice, just as long as you are doing it. 

Breathe, Meditate.
A daily meditation practice will help you slow your mind and allow you to get in touch with your intuition and  your true wants and needs.  Meditating is proven to help heal so many ailments including binge eating, substance abuse, depression, allergies etc. Starting with a few minutes of deep breathing everyday is sure to help guide you out of the “off my rhythm fog.” If you need some guidance, try these exercises for size by Dr. Andrew Weil. He's a star! 

Without water there is no life and if you are de-hydrated nothing in the body can run at it’s best. Plus, de-hydration can cause headaches, fatigue and food cravings. Enough water however detoxifies and raises your energy naturally. So bottom’s up!

Nix the stimulants for a bit.
Coffee, sugar, booze are big promoters of anxiety and depression. They can mess with your natural energy levels and can suppress the digestive tract and immune system. Kick them to the curb for a few days watch the mental clarity and physical energy find its way in. 

Make sleep a priority
Just do it. If you can only image how you mentally feel when you don’t get enough sleep, just imagine how the metabolism or digestive tract feels.

Call on a friend or family member to remind you what a treasure you are! All things will pass.
Sometimes all we need is an epic girl or boy vent with the people who know us best to see the light. So pick up the phone, set the coffee date and GET IT OUT.  That’s what they are there for and you know you will feel so much better.

So, how are you feeling now Rock Star? I hope you are one step closer to getting that 5,6,7,8 back! Remember not to force it. All things will fall back into the usual syncopation soon. Until then, see what this offbeat has to offer. You never know what you will learn outside of your comfort-zone. Happy Dancing to the ever-changing rocking rhythm of your AWESOME Life!


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