The workout you must try this summer

On a recent trip to Nashville for my bestie’s bachelorette party, we took a standing paddleboard yoga class. If you haven’t tried it yet you must put it on the list for this summer. Now I know that the idea of standing on a board, in your bathing suit whilst attempting yoga poses seems daunting. But I can assure you, it was plain awesome. Here’s why…

1)   Any workout that involves nature is a win, win. In our case we were surrounded by trees, birds and a lake. As a city girl, getting back in touch with nature automatically made me feel so alive. Plus, it is easy to forget that you are working out when such beauty surrounds you.

2)   You are quickly amazed how strong your body is. A great way to fall in love with your body is to challenge it.  SUPYoga gets you out of your comfort zone in a great way.  At first you think you aren’t going to be able to do a thing.  However, after the initial fall into the water you will be ready to try all the poses.  Finding yourself in a peaceful warrior pose while in the middle of the water is the most badass feeling ever.

3)   Savasana while floating.  After we finished trying out a series of yoga poses we were guided into savasana. If you are unfamiliar with yoga, this is a restorative pose where you lay down on your back, with your eyes closed. This was a moment of true bliss. Floating in the middle of a lake, as your fingers touch the water whilst listening to the sounds of mother nature. Talk about finding your Zen.

4)   Not giving a hoot in your bathing suit. One of the best parts of this activity was also how freeing it was to be rolling around in the old bathing suit. A roll here, a roll there, there were rolls everywhere! And you know what? It felt great! Any body image woe was overshadowed by how strong and empowered I felt! And news flash, NOBODY CARES what you look like in your bathing suit! So go out and get on that board.

5)   Lastly, it’s a great workout. It’s as simple as that! SUPYoga requires your core muscles to work like a champ and gives your arms a super burn. By the end of the class you feel like you have a 6 pack with Michelle Obama arms. I’ll take it! 

So that’s just a few reasons why you must try Standup Paddle Yoga this summer. It is just so much fun! I also highly recommend you try with friends. As you can see in photo below we left that experience feeling completely energized and powerful! And had we had a blast rooting each other on as we dared to try different poses. Can you say epic girl time?

Have you ever tried SUPaddleboard yoga? What is your favorite outdoor physical activity! Let me know in comments below and can’t wait to chat with you.


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