10 Steps to have the Best Day Ever

How to have the best day ever…. 

Do NOTHING! Yes, you read correctly, delicious nothing. 

…I decided to partake in a day I entitled SLOTHurday, a day of complete nothing that I shared with my partner in crime, Adam.

If you are thinking, “ain’t nobody got time for that,” I hear you!  As an entrepreneurial woman who feels guilty if I am not being productive every minute of everyday, the idea of SLOTHurday sounded like some sort of torture.  But after a crazy week of overthinking I decided that seeing the above post was a sign that I needed to give myself the gift of nothing.  A day to turn my brain off, find stillness and just do ME.

And I have to say as I am writing this at 8:45 the following morning, I think I just had the best day of my life. I can’t stop smiling, I feel re-charged, more focused and happy. And guess what? The world didn’t end, my business isn’t in shambles and I was able to give back to myself. Wonderful lesson learned.

Ready to have the best day ever yourself? 

Here are the 10 steps to the perfect SLOTHurday.   (Exact steps are up for interpretation but this is what we found works out like warm organic butter on sprouted bread;)

1) Clear your “Schedule of Productivity” of the day. No Guilt, clear your mind.

2) Find the perfect pair of comfy clothes. The ones that you can’t wear in the outside world, but you would if you could. Put on the most epic socks you own.

3) Location where the ENTIRE day will be spent…
     a) Either the couch, which is prepared with, blankets and pillows.
     b) Or what we choose, the bed. Prepared with some lap desks for internet surfing and eating/drinking. Yes, we did it up, meals in bed.

4) Morning Coffee/Tea- How many times do you get to savor the joy of this warm delight when you are rushing to work? Probably never right? Start the day by experiencing each sip.

5) NETFLIX and or the BOOK on your list.  Need I say more?

6) Day Snacks. We went for the nutritious but satisfying ones. Carrots and hummus, sweet potato chips, green juices and eggs.  You want to think of giving the body the rest it so badly needs but also the micronutrients it might be craving as well.

7) Pick The Meal. You know what I mean by The Meal right? The one you have been dreaming about for a while andyou can’t wait to experience every savory bite. For me it was a juicy organic burger with sweet potato fries. For The Meal, you can decide to order it in or head out for some fresh air. We took the fresh air.
*Disclaimer- If you decide to go out, be sure to put on an outfit that is in line with SLOTHurday, socially acceptable comfort. My secret (I wore a fitted tank top under a sweater instead of a bra. Ah, what a rebel I am! Sorry mom!) Right after The Meal, resume your SLOTHurday location positions.

8) A soothing Pandora station. Let your worries just slip away to the sound of Ella Fitzgerald or Iron and Wine.

9) Glass of Vino or a Sweet Treat . Or Both JCompletely optional but a nice touch.

10) It’s 9pm on a Saturday Night? That means bedtime on SLOTHurday. Night, Night you beautiful soul.

I realize today, my body has been begging for a day like this for a very a long time which is why it is paying me forward with such joy! So, Adam and I have decided to honor this day from now on and schedule one SLOTHurday a month!

Why not do the same! You have earned it!

So cheers and enjoy your next SLOTHurday or maybe even a SLOTHunday and let me know how it goes!

Shine On and SLOTH On,


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