5 reasons why doing yoga will make you a better person

A few months ago I was starving for a gentler physical activity for myself as well some spiritual grounding. So, I popped in my local yoga studio, Sonic Yoga, and it’s changed my life and made me a better person. Here is why... 

1)   It gives your digestive track some TLC.

From one spinal twist to the next, yoga is one of the best ways to holistically give your digestive system a natural boost. The poses that focus on deep spinal twists ignite your intestines, helping your digestive track work like a machine. Hey, there is no better feeling then staying regular, right?

2)   Emotionally. 

It is no secret that our bodies can be ticking time bombs of bottled emotion and yoga can serve as that big hug we have needed to give ourselves.  A typical yoga class will provide hip, chest and heart   openers; as well focus on opening our chakras that will aid in releasing bottled emotion.  This may not be a comfortable feeling for all but if you work through it, you will definitely feel emotionally lighter and freer after class.

3)   Have you remembered to breathe today?

Going to yoga has incredible benefits simply based on the fact that class is designed around breathing.  Most of us wake up in the morning with shallow breath, and that is how we have trained ourselves to breath throughout the day. However, deep breathing is one of the most crucial and important tools we have to de-stress, stay grounded and even maintain a healthy weight. So go ahead and take a big gulp of oxygen, you deserve it.

4)   Tension Relief. 

Mental stress can manifest in the body as physical tension, and from one pose (or asana, as it’s called) to the next yoga stretches the tension right out of you. It is almost as if you are giving yourself a moving massage during each class. You will feel different in your body almost immediately. 

5)   A moment to find stillness. 

We are all extremely busy (or so we tell ourselves) and yoga is the rare chance in our day to be still.  You have no idea how much you are craving this sensation until you reach it. With our brains always stimulated to go out and do, or worry about, the next thing, yoga serves as a way to get in tune with your body and more importantly your soul. The moments of stillness in class are a gift that can allow you to hear things within yourself you may have been too busy to hear. You never know what secrets are waiting to be found within until you are still enough to listen.

I encourage you to try out a class and see how it feels. If it is still not your thing, don’t judge yourself. Sometimes yoga finds you at the moment you need it, and it doesn’t feel right until that moment comes. Namaste, or as I like to say… Shine On!

- See more at: http://www.kellyannewadler.com/blog/2014/07/5-reasons-why-doing-yoga-makes-you-a-better-person#sthash.PivQGfae.dpuf


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