5 Easy Ways for Working Girls to do Lunch

I am the freelancing oddball within my circle of 9 to 6 girlfriends with corporate jobs.  At a recent dinner they mentioned how hard it is and how boring it can when it comes to lunch. As a holistic health coach who LOVES and EMBRACES her sacred food time, I was shocked and appalled that these beautiful hard working women weren’t getting the satisfying and kick ass lunches they deserve.  So to that, I dedicate this post.

1)   Meal Prep on a Sunday and BYOL. Girls, get out your Betty Crocker side and spend 2 hours or less prepping what ever it is you want for lunch throughout the next week. Instead of BUYING the quinoa bowl everyday, make a huge batch of quinoa and add your fav ingredients and heat it up at work. Soup lover? Make a huge turkey chili, or butternut squash soup and throw it in the slow cooker all day. Go have a Sunday Funday and come back to a huge batch of delicious soup that will last the whole workweek. Throw your favorite healthy snacks and treats in your bag or keep them at your desk and you have a full out lunch prepared. And hello, can you talk about how much dinero and excess calories you will save by cooking yourself! So, no excuses we all have a couple of hours to prepare, so JUST DO IT.

2)   Dine like a GODDESS. Want more energy at work? Well go and embrace your lunch hour. Give yourself the break you deserve and find a sanctuary to eat in! When the weather is nice, go sit in the park. If it’s freezing take your lunch into a quiet coffee shop where no one will bother you. Let your lunch hour be your sacred time to refuel, recharge and get connected and grounded for the later half of the day.

3)   There are no wrong answers, DARE yourself to try new things. Instead of visiting the same salad bar every damn day, google interesting places in the area that you can try for lunch. If you are in the city you have all of this at your fingertips. Ask yourself every day, “Beautiful body, what am I really hungry for? What food will best serve me?” If you listen hard enough your body will tell you exactly what it needs and follow your GUT, literally. If it takes an extra 5 minutes to walk there, SO BE IT. Think of it as extra exercise.

4)   Eat the rainbow, not the skittles kind. If you are ever stuck and wondering if the food you about to order or make is healthy or not, check out the color content. If your plate is filled with color that actually exists in nature then it is sure to energize you and fill your tummy up with healthy happiness. 100 calorie packs of pretzels though convenient are dead food and will leave you feeling sluggish and lifeless. Color = creativity and life!

5)   Calling all my girls. Want to save money and calories? Call your other corporate girlfriends in the area and dedicate some lunches out of the week to share with them. Go to a nice restaurant for lunch and share an entrée and split a salad. This way you are getting the perfect portion size, catching up on some essential girl time, and eating beautifully.

All in all, all is wonderful in the life of a working girl if you remember to EAT. You girls are busy, I KNOW. But if you want to prevent the ravenous binge session after coming home from a long day at work, never neglect your lunch hour. It’s yours take it. You are a queen and your body needs to be fueled.  This will not only prevent HANGER but it will keep you motivated, inspired and on top of your game at work. You will be the girl that SHINES.

Love always your freelancing best friend with the crazy hours that you don’t understand,


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