Conquering Food Guilt

I lost 40 lbs in my early/mid 20s and now in my mid/late 20s, I find myself trying to conquer a new challenge, Food Guilt.  Since losing the weight and becoming a health coach I have had an inner, secret to some, obvious to others battle with having to justify every piece of food I put into my mouth. The minutes before bed have been a time for me to list everything I ate in that day and what I had to explain to myself for eating. To the point that if I were to eat something “wrong” or “forbidden I would mentality punish myself with self-hatred and guilt until I came up with a plan on how I would make up for the food I treated myself to.

For example, if I had a weekend of indulgence, the whole rest of the week was to be pre-mapped with strict food guidelines and restrictions to make up for the huge “Sin” I made over the weekend.  It was the only way I could live with myself. I can explain this feeling as an irrational paranoia that if I ate the “wrong” food all my weight and the unhappiness attached to it, would come back. 

However recently, by working with my own clients and hearing myself provide recommendations on how they can cure this same challenge, I started to practice what I preach. And have been recently feeling a shift and huge positive growth within myself and it hit me this weekend with my family.

Over a huge brunch (my favorite type of meal) I found myself ordering whatever it was that I wanted. I truly savored and enjoyed every last bite and basked in the oh so fulfilling company of my family. I left the meal completely satisfied and overjoyed instead of panic stricken.  I had allowed myself to treat myself without the punishment that used to come soon after.  I experienced the meal as a whole and I left feeling well fed and well loved.

As a health coach I am a complete beleiver in 80/20. 80% on with the foods that work and serve you the best and 20% off with the fun, naughty foods to be enjoyed once and awhile.  I have realized I have to let myself enjoy the 20 in the same way I hope try and teach my clients enjoy the 20!

What's funny is the more I let go about obsessing over what I am eating, the more weight I release.

Leave the guilt behind and replace it with gratitude and love and your body will listen.

Sound all to familiar to you? Let’s connect today.


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