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Welcome Beauty,
 I am so glad you made it to the party! I'm Kelly and this is Shine On Movement. Here, EVERYBODY SHINES. My passion is helping brilliant women tame their inner bullies and choose to celebrate who they are so they can live their true callings. So, if you are ready to feel at home in your body, want to learn how to nourish your total self, and to accept that you are indeed "good enough," then you have found the right place!

With my background in theater arts, dance, and holistic health I have developed the essential tools that help my clients live in their SHINE-- their healthy, happy sense of self. Most importantly, I've lived this and I get it. I was my own worst enemy and kept myself trapped in my body for years. Now, I know what magic can happen when you choose to love who you are. So, get your dancing shoes on girl, because it's time to party!

Recent Thoughts...

Bodylove in Maternity Wear on Today Show:)

It was an honor to strut my 9 months pregnant self on the Today Show this July. Pregnancy is a powerful beauty!


a new yet old vision

Happy 2018 to you!


2018, spiritually speaking, is set out to be the year of illumination. This comes as no surprise to me, as the year is already illuminating a path towards my new yet old vision. 


As you may know, Shine On Movement's original intention was to create a youth empowerment program designed to inspire young people through nourishment, body positivity and self-acceptance. The last five years have led me to my next step to making that vision a reality. I started as a teaching artist, then coach, then found my home at Fusion Academy where I am the Director of Homework Cafe (aka Student Life) and Wellness Lead. And now, I have recently been accepted to CUNY Graduate Center's Master's in Youth Studies program. 


This program is part adolescent psychology & development, part practicum. Essentially, this degree will provide me with the knowledge necessary to create youth programming designed to boost confidence, build social-emotional skills and aid in understanding one's infinite worth.


So what does a full-time job and grad-school mean for Shine On Movement? Well, I see it has my next cocooning stage. A time for study, brainstorming and growth which will inevitably result in action and creation. That said, I will still be keeping an intimate client base, sharing the bodylove on tv and keeping in touch via newsletters and social media. I'll be around, just a bit quieter whilst in the process of butterflying. 


Be well and happiest of New Year's wishes to you and yours!


Shine On,
Founder of SoM

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